ACG DAO の Governance TOKEN

TAP Token serves as Tap Fantasy's DAO governance token, in addition to the regular DAO governance functions. Players can purchase NFT skins, Magic Crystals and NFT lands on a decentralized exchange. The Tap Fantasy team will add NFT profile images, wallpapers, and a system to build skins in the future. Tap Fantasy will cooperate with other animation companies to launch a joint NFTs.

Upgrading NFT assets (for example, adding a NFT skin) consumes magic crystals and also consumes TAP Tokens as GAS FEE in U-based.

Token quota


TAP Token is the most influencing currency in the Tap Fantasy Metaverse.

Token Release

In-Game Usage

When upgrading NFT skins, TAP Tokens will be consumed in U-based.

How To Earn TAP Tokens In The Game?

Arena Ranking Bounty

Only the strongest player in the arena can get the rarest TAP Tokens as a reward in the game. The number of TAP Tokens rewards for each season is fixed. It is divided into two parts, 50% is distributed in the weekly ranking reward, the other 50% is distributed at the end of the season by the ranking.

  • Colosseum end-season ranking reward

World BOSS Bounty

Players can beat the World BOSS to get the jewel key, then open the legend chest to gain the rarest TAP Tokens.

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