How To Get SP Skins?

Are you lucky enough?

SP NFT Skins

After the NFT skin is upgraded to the full level, if the attributes meet the specified requirements, it will become a very rare SP skin.
Now, let's witness this historic moment!
For example, this Magic Girl is just an ordinary R skin, but her water element has reached 8 points, as long as she can get 2 more water elements, the Magical Girl will transform into SP!
Let's find out if we are lucky enough.
Magic Girl transformed!
We got lucky! The water element was still added during the last level, so a magical scene happened. The Magic Girl's card began to shake and a golden light appeared. After a burst of light dissipated, the Magic Girl transformed into a brand-new appearance.
Young girl in love
A beautiful girl appeared in front of us, and when we looked at it carefully, we can see the expression was a bit more colorful, and the chest became bigger.
The battle appearance has also changed significantly.
You can also use a new portrait!
As we all know, each skin in Tap Fantasy is limited edition, and the skin that can become SP is even rarer. If you can get one, it can be sold for a high price.
Maybe you will be the next lucky person to get a SP skin.

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