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The most trendy styling center on the Odom continent, so that each adventurer becomes the brightest star of the islands 🌟

Speaking in front -

TAP Mia is a project where you can use each player's creativity to create your own personalized avatar. You can Mint your avatars into NFTs, and then upload them to the blockchain to become your unique non-homogenized assets to showcase or sell to other players.

1.Mia's story

On this day, a huge hourglass suddenly rises above the sea into the clouds, and below the hourglass is a thick wall of clouds, and a mysterious archipelago appears and disappears in the wall of clouds. This spectacle immediately attracted adventurers from all over the Odom continent. Rumor has it that the archipelago contains a huge amount of treasure left behind by ancient civilizations, so adventurers have gone to sea to explore this magical sea. However, what they did not know was that the cloud wall seemed to be inflicted with mysterious magic, and the adventurers who entered the island were unable to go out again. So the adventurers began to settle in the islands, forming villages, cities, and even a country. They ventured around the islands, visiting a magical mystery, searching for treasures left behind by ancient civilizations, and trying to find a way to lift the cloud wall. However, whenever they are close to the truth, the sand of time in the hourglass will run out, the time of the islands will be reset, and the memory of the adventurers will be eliminated. They need to start the adventure from scratch again, to explore the secrets of the island again. The following is our main character Mia, she as an adventurer at the same time, is also a famous stylist. She found that with the island's special ore - magic crystals as materials to create clothing will shine a fascinating light, wearing these clothes of the adventurers will be particularly fascinating. So she opened a clothing store in the islands, for the adventurers design a variety of charming look, and soon became popular throughout the islands. With the passage of time, the sands of time flow again, the island's time has been reset once again. Along with the reset there are adventurers to obtain the equipment and level. However, people were surprised to find that those clothes made of magic crystals were preserved, along with the memories of the wearers. Mia became the hero of everyone's heart.

TAP Mia is located near the watchtowers of each of the main cities, in the heart of the Odom Continent, and is a designer of great skill and unique beauty.

Click on the clothing store icon in the main city to enter TAP Mia and design your own custom avatar.

Of course, you can also access the TAP Mia store through the change avatar button in your personal interface.

3.TAP Mia's in-store guide

A area: you can see the current image with

B area: 10 parts of the filter options, select the corresponding parts, D area will appear the corresponding parts of the costume

C area: color change area, some outfits can choose different colors, you can match according to their preferences

D area: here you can choose the specific style of dress

3.TAP Mia's prices

Mia is very fond of the adventurers of the islands, and she believes that they are a constant source of fresh blood to the islands, so she is happy to offer free styling. All the costumes marked with the ♾️ symbol are free to use.

Of course there are many adventurers who want to have more choices and Mia will provide them with exclusive designs. Players need to send Mia some magic crystals, gold coins or small gifts as a reward for the designs. The following is the TAP Mia price list for you.






Dark Chocolate




Listen Closely


Whisper of Elf

Cat Breathing

Hopping Bunny

The voice of taming
















Love Addict













Sizzling hot





















Professing Love






The girl next door


Gentle breeze and rain


Go with the flow




Pleasantly Warm





Banquet Star

Cute Girl

Demand for speed

Soft maid

Arena Badge Exchange

Tiny Sailor


Supreme Glory

Please look forward to

Graceful and sophisticated


Melody and beats




Words of Grass


Butterfly locs hair




Warm Winter

Secrets of star

Double Feathered

Elf of the Flowers

Fairies of the Flowers

Whispering of fawn

Sealed Land Probable Drop Reward

Genki Maid

The arena badge exchange obtained


Biker Girl

A promise at Ski resort


Pure Love

Cuddles of panda

Puppet Shark

Fishing Week Ranking #1

The crown of kings

First place in the season's individual ranking πŸ₯‡

Laboratory records

Not too bad



Top of fashion

Dark World



Innocent Girl

Dagger of Dark

Hot Summer

Poker King

Rise from the ashes

Sealed land probability to get


Extra large treasure box probability to obtain


Language of flowers

Tide wave


Solid Colour


4.The use of NFT avatar

1.Click on the mint, the image with a good mint as NFT avatar.

2.Select the avatar you want to use, and click "Change" to set the display area of the avatar.

5.Acquisition of TAP Mia parts

In addition to buying directly from Mia's clothing store, you can also buy parts from other players on the exchange. In particular, there are some precious limited edition parts that are left all over the island, waiting for adventurers to find them.

6.TAP Mia cash

In the backpack you can see the NFT avatar that is not in use, click on the extract to extract the NFT avatar to the official website.

Right-click and select Save Image to save a large image of the avatar.

Come and create your own NFT avatar!

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