20 Raid Team Boss


20 raid boss is a game for teams of up to 20 players;

You can only pass by once per week, each pass you week receive the passing reward;

At the end of the season, players will receive their rank by the killing time, all members of the 1st place team will receive generous rewards;

Find the BOSS

There are three BOSSes, located on the 7th, 10th and 13th floors respectively;

Lower the layer BOSS, the better the reward and the higher the difficulty;

Create team with others

How to create a team

First click the Challenge button, then you can choose a team to join or organize your team.

After that, if you are the owner of room, click the button to invite your club partners to fight the BOSS together. You can invite 20 people to join your team, click start to start the battle.

There is another important thing you should know, that is to choose your right hero. There are season bonus skins. If you equip the bonus skins, you can gain an advantage in the fight with BOSS.

Congratulations, you have entered the battlefield.

Create team with key

You can also have a private room. Only players who know the password can enter. The method is also very simple. Click the Generate Key button on the Create Team interface. Then you will get a four-words key, copy the key and share it with your friends to let them join.

Similarly, you can also click the share button to share to the club, but players who enter through sharing no longer need the key.

If you have a key and want to enter the room, click the key button and input the key.

Congratulations, you successfully entered the room.

Off line

You can leave the room in the middle of the battle. As long as the battle is not over, you can return, but you can't enter the other rooms during this period. If you didn't return, but your teammates have defeated the BOSS, then the chance you challenge BOSS of this week will also be deduct.

Reward of Team BOSS

After defeating the BOSS, you can get rewards. The rewards are composed of the following parts. One is the treasure chest reward that every participant can get, and the other is that you need to participate in ROLL dice to win better rewards.

Treasure chest reward

Obtained after defeating the first form of the BOSS, it will be temporarily stored in your trophy bag, and can only be get when you completely defeat the BOSS.

ROLL dice

After defeating the BOSS, you will ROLL dice. Each participating player has a chance to win the reward, and the player with the highest point will get the reward.

Click the dice button to participate, of course, you can also click the close button, which means you forfeit it.

You can see other players' points on the reward, your points will be displayed under the prizes,.

Mystery box

We can have the opportunity to get the key, different levels of BOSS can get the key of different levels, the mystery box needs to go to the RIFT, find the elf merchant and use the key to open the chest to get the reward.

There are three levels of treasure chests. Different difficulty levels can obtain different keys.

Combat skills


There are two forms of BOSS, the first form of human and the second form of monster. First-form BOSS has two skills, single attack and large area damage skills.

The skills of the second-form BOSS have been changed from single to group attacks, and the second skills have become unavoidable range attacks on the entire battlefield.


Mobs also need be careful. There are two types of monsters in the Team BOSS. One is a large of monsters with low HP and high attack. They appear at the lower left and upper right of the battlefield when the HP of the first-form of the BOSS remains 90%, at 55%. Appears at the upper left and lower right of the battlefield, at 20% appears at the lower left and upper right of the battlefield.

The second-form appears in the upper left and lower right of the battlefield when the BOSS's HP remains 40%.

In the highest level BOSS challenge, it will appear in all four corners at the same time.

You need use Mage or Death to deal with it.

The second type is the elite monsters that appear alone, but with high attack and defense. They appear at the below of the battlefield when the first-form BOSS with 75%HP, above the battlefield with 45%HP, and below the battlefield at 15%HP.Appears above the battlefield in the second-form BOSS with 40% HP.

In the highest level boss challenge, elite monsters will appear above and below at the same time.

You can use Banker or Hunter to kill it.


Generally, there are three types, tank, single attack, and group attack.


The main function is to contain BOSS and elite monsters. In the battle, you need to stick to the BOSS and elite monsters to attract they to attack tank, and bear the attack from the boss for your teammates. It is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of elite monsters in time to attract their attack. , but need to avoid the mobs that appear in groups.

Single attack

The function of single attack is to give enough damage to BOSS and elite monsters. In the battle, you need to keep aiming firepower at BOSS and elite monsters. It should be noted that after an elite monster appears, you need to attack it as soon as possible. Special attention is to avoid the mobs that appear in groups, just kill BOSS and elite monsters.

Group attack

The role of the group attack is to kill the mobs that appear in groups, to ensure that the team's damage will not be scattered by them. When you see groups of mobs in battle, you need to go to destroy them in time, but you need to avoid elite monsters.

You can use Mage or Death.

Damage bonus of season

You can use the damage bonus NFT skin to fight with BOSS.

View the details in the bottom and secretly tell you that SP skins can get more damage bonuses.

Season Ranking

There is also have ranking in the Team BOSS, but just for the 22 star level. The ranking is based on the time you defeat the BOSS. The shorter the time, the higher the ranking.

Choose 22star level, then click ranking。

Click the team to view the details of team, click the reward to view the season ranking reward.

Only the players in the No.1 of the season are eligible to receive the ranking reward. The rewards are SSR-level NFT skins and TAP TOKEN. The season ranking rewards will be issued by the operation team after the season ends.

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