Treasure Map

You can't imagine how many treasures are in Odom, come and find them.

Step 1: Receive the Treasure Map task

Every map has a "Treasure Map mission" except the first one. You can click the Treasure Map entrance to receive the mission.

(the Treasure Map mission can only be received after the watchtower is activated)

Step 2: Collect treasure fragments

After receiving the mission, you can see many red marks ❌ on the map. Go and find them.

When you arrive the marked place, you can see glittering land. Click it and you can obtain the treasure.

Every glittering land has a treasure fragment, you have to collect three fragments to get the Final Treasure.

Step 3: open the "Final Treasure"

Now you can see the location of the "Final Treasure" on the map.

Bind your wallet and you can get the Final Treasure. You can click here if you don't know how to connect your wallet.Bind wallet tutorial(BSC)

The location of Treasure Map entrance

The entrances are near the watchtower in map 2~5, while you can find the last one according to the picture , can you find it?

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