P2E Economic Model

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Hey guys, how are you doing today? Finally, we are here with our Economic Model overview🎉, there are three types of currencies🪙 such as GOLD, MC Token, and Tap Token. Therefore this article will demonstrate to you a clear picture🌄 of Tap Fantasy’s business ecosystem, it is believed this introduction will be beneficial💪 for our players in terms of their game experience.

So, let us begin.🙋🏻‍♀️

💁🏽Gold is the most common currency in the game🎮, there are some ways🤔 for players to generate Gold such as making transactions with Trade🏦 or you can just top up with USDT💸 and the exchange rate would be 1 USDT=10 Gold. 👩🏻‍💻On the other hand, players can consume Gold in many scenarios as well. For example, item consumptions such as Gem Pass, AP & Ticket, and Mini-game ticket🎟 will all require Gold consumed🤔, plus there are extra fees that will be added during the transactions such as Withdraw fee and Trade fee. However, some Gold will be distributed to the Club⛱ and Mini game♟ for rewards also the Developer’s share will be gained by the Mini-game Designers as well.🤩

Secondly, 💫MC Token is another important resource in the Tap Fantasy Metaverse. It can be generally operated for NFT and 🏡Lands upgrades in the game, but NFT P2E Bounty💰 and Lands Rewards will also be gifted in return❤️. Also, MC Token can be generated by making transactions between players and Trade, plus some conditional issuance will be distributed to players.👀

Furthermore, Tap Token is the most 🙀influencing currency in the Tap Fantasy Metaverse, players are able to enjoy the privilege🦸🏻‍♂️ from the Tap Token such as Land Purchase and Upgrades, etc. However, 💰bounties will be added into 👻World BOSS and ⚔️Colosseum from the Tap Mine pool, so players are capable to acquire them from World BOSS and Colosseum.🎆

Lastly, thank you for the support all the time and please stay tuned for our new events and exciting campaigns.

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