Treasure hunt tutorial

Treasure hunt comes little by little

What is Gold coin?

Gold coin is the most popular coin on the land of Odom for trading. You can buy almost anything you want with it. There are other coins for trading. Exchange rate is 1 Gold coin = 100 Silver coin = 10000 Copper coin. You can exchange them for BUSD and the exchange rate is 1BUSD = 10 gold coin.

To adventure on the land of Odom you need gold coins.

Hot to get Gold coin?

You have an account registered and ready to adventure in TAP FANTASY world. Money is always helpful and you need them the most. Let me tell you how to get gold coins.

Become stronger, adventuring the map

First, you are going to be in a small village, you need to find your teammates to get stronger. Your teammates will help you defeat the boss in front of your way. Find as many as teammates possible in order to face different types of enemy. Some of your teammates might need no some time to think about joining you. Be patient and they will join you.

When you kill a monster, you will get rewards like weapons, food, and so on. You can trade them in the trade house. If the items are rare, you will get many gold coins.

How to sell?

First, we need to click on the trade house and open it. Click on the sell page shown below.

You can see items you are selling. Click on the item to sell the item to get gold coins.

There is going to be a fee for every trade happens in the trade house.

One more thing! Trade house will hold your items for 24 hours. After 24 hours the trade house will return your item; so use a good price to sell your item faster.

The item in the late game sells a better price than the early game. High level equipment can also sell for a good price.

How to buy items?

You can get items not only from your adventuring, you can always come to check if there is a lower price item. This is the lesson you must learn to become a great business man.

Click on buy to check the items you want on the list. Go buy the item you want if you see anything good for you.

How to claim the gold coins?

Finally, the last thing you want to learn will have to be claiming the coins. Let me tell you.

Open your bag and click on the gold coin.

After the page below pops out you can chose the amount you want to Claim. It costs you 10 gold coins for the fee to claim the gold coin.

If you see a page like this below, please go back to link wallet.

One more step is needed for you to exchange your gold coin to BUSD.

After you follow all the steps, go check your wallet. There might be a delay depending on the internet environment. Please be patient on that.

Treasure hunt faster

There is a better and faster way to treasure hunt.

To be honest with you guys, I have never saw these much rewards for the pass. With the pass you can get extra reward and be faster at exploring the map.

It is also really easy to buy the pass, all you need is just click on Gem pass on the top left corner just like the picture shown below.

The treasure box alone is worth for the cost. You can get treasure boxes for every 6000 gemstone you got during the adventure until the season is over.

Again, click on Gem pass with the cost of 99 gold coins to help you earn real money in four better ways.

Gold coin purchase.

Do not worry about there is not enough coins you want to spend, you can easily buy gold coins on TAP FANTASY's official website.

There are only two steps you need to follow to get your gold coins.

Follow the process in the picture above and wait in the game. If you see a page like this pop out in the game, congratulation, you got your gold coins.

Play games

In Tap Fantasy, there were many fun mini-games are waiting for you. The games are really fun to play and you can earn real money from them.

Click on the Fishing mini-game to check details about it.

Rewards Notification

Check on the notification, there may be surprises you did not expect.

Important information

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