Gold Coin

USDT-based Stable Coin

G_old Coin_ is a currency in Tap Fantasy.

Gold Coin can be exchanged for USDT at 10:1. Players can use Gold Coins to buy physical strength and tickets for daily expenses during gameplay. For example: in the fishing game, players can purchase bait using Gold Coins and after catching the fish, players can sell directly to the system in exchange for Gold Coins. Meanwhile, players can exchange with others for equipment and food. Contents provided by third-party developers are calculated in Gold Coins as well.

GOLD Economic

GOLD has various significant impacts as a daily Token in the game. Consuming OGLD allows players to have a better game experience.

How To Earn Gold Coins In The Game?

Players can increase their powers through consuming stamina to play various contents and obtain items such as equipment and food in the game. Players can also sell unwanted equipment and food to other players in the marketplace. After the item is sold successfully, players will get Gold Coins.

  • 1 USDT can exchange for 10 Gold Coins.

  • 1 Gold Coin can exchange for 100 Silver Coins, 1 Silver Coin can exchange for 100 Bronze Coins.

  • Sell items in the marketplace for Gold Coins.

Where Do You Need Gold Coins?

1. Some in-game consumption → such as Fishing Competition, buying baits. In the future, content provided by third-party developers will also be using Gold Coins.

2. Crystal tickets → Purchasing crystal shards in the Great Rift.

3. Purchasing in Trade House→ Using Gold Coins to purchase equipment, ingredients, and food from other players.

4. Trade House handling fee → A transaction tax is charged after the item is successfully sold in the marketplace.

5. Buying stamina → You can use Gold Coins to buy stamina when it's low.Stamina System

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