How to get NFT SKINS

There are several ways to get NFT skin. Come and have a look with me.

Official website

Buy directly in the marketplace

The easiest way to get NFT skin is to open our official website and buy it directly.

First, open official website, click MARKETPLACE.

You need to check whether you have connect your wallet to our official website. You can check in the upper right corner of the official website. For details, please check the connect wallet.

Then you need to approve the BUSD, click APPROVE BUSD.

Now you can click NFT。

You can also click on NFT products in the marketplace to view the details. In this interface, you can also click BUY.

After the purchase, you can view your NFT assets in MY NFT.


If you don't find the NFT skin you want in the marketplace, don't worry. There are other ways to meet your needs. Click MYSTERY BOX on the official website. Similarly, you also need to click APPROE to buy.

Enter the number of MYSTERY BOX you want to buy. Of course, you can also click Max to buy 99 MYSTERY BOXES, and then click BUY.

When you are finished, pull down the page to see the MYSTERY BOX you just purchased. Click OPEN BOX to open it and get NFT skin.

Congratulations, you have got an NFT skin. You can also view your NFT skin in MY NFT.

Third party NFT trading platform

In addition to the official website, you can also use the third-party NFT trading platform(BinanceBYBIT)to buy NFT skin.

Take Binance for example.

Open the Binance's website:

Click NFT。


Enter the page of TAP FANTASY, click any NFT skin you want.

Click BUY NOW.

Click confirm.

After completing the purchase, click the user center to view the currently owned NFT assets.

You can view your NFT asset here, and you can click withdraw to withdraw your NFT skin.

Choose the NFT skin you need to withdraw and click Confirm.

Input your wallet address, and click Withdraw.

Confirm your address.

Input the security verification code.

Now you can find your NFT skin in MY NFT.


If you already have NFT skin, you can use your NFT skin to gain more NFT skin, very cool, right?

The method is very easy. Upgrade your NFT skin and enter the RIFT to win treasure. After accumulating enough special treasure chest keys, you can find an elf merchant to exchange the treasure chest. In the treasure chest, you may get R ~ SR NFT skin. You can view the details in Medium treasure hunt tutorial.

Another way is to challenge the WorldBoss. After defeating the World Boss, you will get the treasure chest key. Similarly, you need go to the RIFT to find the elf merchant, exchange the legend treasure chest, open it to get the SSR grade NFT skin. You can view the details in World BOSS.

Charge NFT skin into game

If you need charge NFT skin into your game,in MY NFT, click APPROVE.

Then click Charge to game.

When you see this in the game, it shows that NFT skin has been successfully charged into the game. Enjoy your game with NFT skin.

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