Cuisine System

Food Matters

Raw Food and Fine Food

  • Raw food can be acquired from the blocks on the map.Block game

  • There is a variety of raw food like wheat, vegetables, meat, eggs, fruits, fish, mushrooms, and seafood, etc.

  • The acquired raw food can be combined and cooked into fine food.

  • The raw food and fine food with higher rarity will grant more EXP boosted.

  • Create fine food based on the recommended raw food in the recipe.

  • One food might have a variety of ways to be created. The recipe will recommend based on the current raw food you have in your inventory

Discovering New Dishes

  • The advanced raw food you acquire in the late game can be matched together to develop new dishes. You can place in up to 3 types of raw food to develop new dishes. After cooking, you can make the most likely fine food you can get based on the raw food you have spent.

  • A new recipe will be unlocked if new fine food is made successfully, you can then create such fine food through the recipe directly in the future.

Example: Meat Chunks + Meat Chunks = Meat Kebab

Meat*2 will be the recipe for Meat Kebab.

After that, you can just craft Meat Kebab directly with the recipe.

Feeding Heroes

  • Feeding fine food or raw food to the heroes, you can raise their level.

  • Each feeding will raise the satiation. The maximum satiation is 100. When satiation is >= 100, the hero cannot be fed further.

Satiation will decrease as time goes by.

  • Each attempt of the feeding of one piece of raw food/fine food will raise satiation by 10.

  • Each type of food adds the same amount of satiation and the hero has limited satiation daily. That being said, the more EXP of a piece of fine food offers you use, the faster the hero can level up. Therefore, to speed up their level-up, you should try to develop new dishes!

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