Team treasure hunt tutorial

In addition to personal play to earn, we also have a great place for you to invite your friends to team up and to play to earn together: The Slime Rift (In new season, the Slime Rift will postpone 28 days to open)

What is the Slime Rift ?

The Slime Rift is a team treasure hunting area dedicated for team to play to earn, there are 4 type of the Slime Rift

They are located at 7th, 10th and 13th floors of the ground world respectively.

How to get in to the Slime Rift?

It is a great place, of course, there will be some rules for you to understand. first of all, this is a game that requires teamwork, you can gather up to five players, including yourself to play to earn in the Rift

Each Slime Rift has 3 difficulty levels. In addition to equipment, you also need to have enough elemental stats of the NFT skin in order to get in to the Rift successfully and to play to earn. The entry page will show to you the requirement of the elemental for you to get into the corresponding difficulty level and also will show you the rewards that you may get from this difficulty level.

You may get treasure map fragments ABD in the Rift. By collecting those pieces ABD you may get the full treasure map, it will show you the final treasure location for you to obtain generous rewards.

In addition, there are a lot of Gems and lucky point rewards in the game, we can use the lucky points to participate in the slot game to get more rewards.

Slime Mystery Award

Lucky slot

Participating in the lucky slot is very easy, you need to have lucky points to start the game, after entering the Slime rift, click the slot to start the game. The lucky point rewards are shown below.

It should be noted that the rewards you get will vary according to different way. Players in the blockchain version will be rewarded with gold coins, and players in the APP will be rewarded with diamonds.

The way to play is also very simple, you only need to click the handle, the rest is all about luck, at the bottom you can choose the bet to play a game, you can use up to 5 lucky points at a time, and get 5 times the reward, so exciting.

When you get 2 or more fire elements, 4 golden eggs will appear, you can choose any one of them. You have a chance to get gold coins or a special equipment - Rapid Bow & Suppress Staff

When you get 2 or more S, 5 heroes will appear. You can choose any one to talk to. After the dialogue, you will get gifts from the heroes. After collecting a certain amount of gifts, you can directly exchange for NFT skins.

Different choose will lead to different gifts,click here to view details.

By the way, if you get 3 fire attributes or 3 S, you will get 10X on the basis of the original reward, is it super cool and enjoy the happiness of 10X.

One last thing to note is that both lucky points and gifts obtained from conversations can be listed on the trade. Similarly, if you want to get more lucky points or gifts, you might as well go to the exchange to see if there are any suitable ones.

How to fight in Slime rift?

Although they are all slimes, but slimes in different rift have different features.

Earth Slime rift

There are 2 BOSS in the Earth Slime rift. After killing one, it will be resurrected within 10 seconds. You need to kill the other one within these 10 seconds to completely defeat the BOSS.

There are two tricks to deal with this monster. One is to keep the two slimes at a certain distance. You and your teammates can better control their HP and defeat them at about the same time.

The second is that you can choose to gather two slimes together to attack, which can speed up your customs clearance, but it is difficult to control the HP of the two slimes, and it may be too late to kill the other slime.

Another thing to note is that slime mobs will randomly spawn nearby. These mobs will self-detonate, causing amazing damage and need to be avoided in time.

Water Slime rift

When the HP of the Water Slime drops to 20%, it will automatically lock the HP and summon an Elite Slime in each of the 4 directions on the map. These Elite Slime will automatically go to the location of the BOSS. Once they reach the BOSS, It will trigger the skill to sacrifice itself to increase HP for the BOSS.

The way to pass the Water slime rift is to observe the Elite Slimes from 4 directions on the map, and when they appear, go to kill them quickly, and prevent them from adding HP to the BOSS.

You need to assign work in advance. Work in pairs to kill the Elite Slim when it appears. Be careful not to be too far away with your teammates during the battle, or you may die.

Another point is that the death Elite Slime cannot be summoned again, so you can kill two slime at one time and kill all four slimes at two times.

Fire Slime rift

Fire Slime's BOSS will release full-screen unavoidable range skills. When the BOSS releases the skill, you need to search for magic ore on the map. After breaking it, you can get a short-term invincible shield defense attack.

The Fire Slime rift is relatively simple. You only need to pay attention to quickly smashing the magic ore when it appears to obtain an invincible shield, and resist the full-screen attack from the BOSS to pass the level smoothly.

Wind Slime rift

The BOSS of Wind Slime rift has an invincible shield. We can only attack the BOSS clone on one side to align and cause damage. After defeating the BOSS clone, the clone will turn into more small slimes to attack you.

Be careful not to attack the BOSS with the invincible shield in the Wind Slime rift, just attack the clone BOSS.

Also, because this rift contains a lot of small slimes, if they are not cleaned up in time, they will cause high damage to your team, and even make your team lose the battle, so once you find them, please work together to destroy them quickly, the recommended configuration has a range Attacking occupations can speed up the clearance speed.

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