Personalize your hero, and maximize your ability to make gold!

Runes are NFT items that each hero can equip. Heroes equipped with runes will be enhanced in various ways. Each rune has a variety of upgrade schemes, allowing adventurers to create personalized combinations.

In addition, runes are assets reserved across seasons in TAP FANTASY. Owning runes means having the permanent right to retain NFT. Considering these two aspects, runes have a good potential for appreciation in the market.

Rune basic gameplay

Each hero has three rune slots to equip runes, but it should be noted that a hero at his initial level can only use one rune slot. When the hero reaches level 20 and level 40, the locked rune slots will be unlocked in turn.

Runes can add a variety of skills to heroes, as well as good attribute improvements. The abilities will be activated properly in every game modes as long as it is equipped in a hero's rune slot.

That being the case, let's take a look at the features which make differences between the ability of runes.

Rune features

The four key features of a rune are: Pattern, Color, Shape, and Star.

Patterns affect the type of the rune skill. There are currently more than 25 rune skills in the game. A variety of rune skills can be matched with different heroes, which may produce unexpected effects.

The color affects the level of the rune skill. The lowest level is blue, following by purple for medium, and orange for the highest. The higher level of rune skill can make the it more impactful on battlefield, and it can also be used in suitable occasions.

The shape affects the number of rune attributes. There are three different shapes of rune, rating low to high, there are 2 attributes for quads, 3 for pentagons, and 4 for hexagons. More sides of the rune can enhance the hero in more aspects, so that your hero can calmly deal with various situations.

Star rating affects the level of rune attributes. It scales from 1 star to 3 stars. A higher star rating will provide stronger attributes for the hero, and it will be essential when encountering a strong opponent.

Get your powerful runes and improve your ability to make gold!

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