Guide of Odom

Come on, let me tell you how to go

When you enter the continent of Odom, you must want to know what you need to do. Don't worry, let me tell you now.

First, you'll see a Meow on the shore. It's your first partner. Find the meow and click it, recruit it into your adventure team.

After the recruitment, we soon met the first BOSS who blocked the way. We need to beat it then we can move on. Click the boss and choose your heroes to challenge it.

After you successfully defeat the first BOSS, you can enter the new map.

Now follow the direction of the road, you will find a watchtower, click and activate it.

After activating the watchtower, you can see the full map of the current continent. It can help you find the right direction. Depending on your gender choice, you will see Mage or Fighter on the map. Go and recruit. The recruitment method is the same as that of Meow.

After recruiting new partners, we need to continue to walk along the road and enter the underground cave.

When you enter the underground cave for exploration, find the blocking boss according to the underground cave map. You can reach the other side only after defeating it. If you are not strong enough now, you can choose better equipment to make yourself stronger.

After you defeat the BOSS of the underground cave, please continue to walk along the road and activate a new watchtower. You can recruit a new partner Priest to join your adventure team. The recruitment method is the same as above. You can choose Priest to fight.

After the recruitment, we need to go to the Dungeons in the north.

When you arrive the Dungeons, click the entrance. It seems that the amount of Gems you have collected is not enough and you can't enter it. Gems come from many sources. You can gain from daily combat and explore the treasure chest.

When you have collected enough Gems and opened the enter the Dungeons, you can open the small map to check the position and direction to move forward, or you can directly follow the tips to find the location of the BOSS.

After killing the boss, the statue of Goddess will appear. At this time, go forward and click the statue of Goddess to investigate. The Goddess will give you a guid.

After that, you will get a Gold Compass. Now you can leave Dungeons.

After returning to the ground, look for the location of the wharf nearby, which is on the upper left of the Dungeons.

Now you can cross the sea of clouds and come to the new continent with the Gold Compass.

When you arrive at the new continent, what you need to do next is the same as described above. Follow the road to find and activate the watchtower, go to Dungeons (selected in the red box in the figure) to obtain the Gold Compass and go to the next continent for adventure.

The more the future mainland can get rich rewards. If you are a player committed to P2E, don't hesitate to start ahead as soon as possible. Odom has six continents waiting for you to explore. There are countless enemies and treasures waiting for you in front of you.

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