Fishing Competition

Fishing · I am the best fisher in this world! Fish, what a huge one, it's a tiger stripe shark!

Fishing Competition Reward Mechanism

  1. To join the competition, the adventurer must use the officially designated fish baits, which can be purchased with coins. 15% of the coins spent on purchasing the baits will be added to the prize pool. The more players participate in the fishing competition, the more ultimate prize there will be.

  2. The ranking is settled based on the weight of the fishes yielded by the participants during the fishing competition. Different fishes come with different weight ranges. Heavier fish means a higher place in the ranking, and a higher place in the ranking means more prizes!

The leaderboard will record the current prize pool and the ranking rewards will be available to the public.

The fish you have fished can be sold to the host of the competition. He will exchange into different amount of coins based on the type of the fish. When fishing, the location where the cursor stays in will only affect the weight of the fish, but not the type.

Therefore, even if you accidentally stayed in the area outside the red zone, you still won't lose the exchange value.

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