Advanced treasure hunt tutorial

The last tutorial, nothing more!

You have traveled in the world of Tap Fantasy for some time, and it is time to tell you about how the master of the treasure hunt collected for fortunes. There is a place where you can make a name for yourself and the best reward you could possibly have in the world of TapFantasy.

Sounds attempting? Come with me.


This is the Colosseum. It is the most important place in the land of Odom. You can find it near the town of theonlineonline map.

Click on the building to enter. At least three characters are needed for your team to fight in the Colosseum with real players online, so be careful with your team set ups.


Winning in Colosseum can bring the best rewards in the world of Tap Fantasy. Treasures is never a problem in such an important place.

Weekly rewards

You will get TAP TOKEN every week for rewards depending on the rank place base on the number of your trophy.

Click on ranking to see your rank place for the week

Click on rewards to see the TAP TOKEN allocation.

Seasonal rewards

The seasonal rewards are TAP TOKENs also, depending on the number of the trophies, you will get the reward every 90 days.

Click the map.

Click the world map first, then click the sandglass . You can also see the time left for the season on it.

Pictures below shows the rank place of every players. Click on rewards to check details about it.

Rewards allocation demonstrate.

Beware of that only the TOP 200 players are able to claim TAP TOKEN. Become more powerful and claim the rewards!

Seasonal team rewards

Except the individual rewards, there are also seasonal team rewards for gold coins.

Click on team.

then click rewards to see the reward.


TAP TOKEN is the currency for the TAP FANTASY community; being the most valuable resources on the land of Odom, TAP TOKEN is needed for leveling up the NFT skin. You can buy them and sell them on official website.

Withdraw TAP TOKEN

You can withdraw your TAP TOKEN to your wallet and sell them on the third party market.

Open your bag and click on item to see how much TAP TOKEN you have.

Click on your TAP TOKEN and click on CLAIM.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on CLAIM again.

A fee of 10 gold coins is needed for every transaction. Wait for a while then you will have them in your wallet.

If you did not connect your wallet to the game, a page like this will pop up so go ahead and connect your wallet.

How to gain advantage in a battle in Colosseum

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