Magic Crystal

Play to Earn の TOEKN

Magic Crystal is a token used to upgrade NFT assets. After upgrading the skin, the abilities will be boosted. Magic Crystals can be obtained by players in Play to Earn. Players can enter the advanced treasure area to get higher token output and more NFT skins.

MC Token Economic

MC token is such a very important resource in our Tap Fantasy Metaverse. MC Token will be generally used for NFT upgradings, and it can be obtained by play-to-earn in the game but players need to acquire NFTs first at least.

How To Earn Magic Crystals?

By challenging bosses in the rifts to acquire keys and opening miracle chests.

Magical Crystals' Usage

NFT skin upgrade requires consumption of MC,a certain amount of TAP Tokens will also be consumed when upgrading the NFT skins.

More Usage Are Coming

The output of Magic Crystals are extremely rare, and there will be many application coming in the future, such as upgrading NFT buildings for powerful functions and creating magic gems that can be embedded in equipment with special attributes, TAP Mia's dress-up parts, currency withdrawal consumption, access to Hero Island pledges, etc.

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