Tutorial for registering a crypto wallet

You have to withdraw crypto currency into your wallet from exchange then you can use it. That's why you need to register a wallet first (like metamask).

To have a wallet

1.Search on metamask and subscribe (search for the following address also works. https://metamask.io)

2.Click on download now

3. Chose your platform

4.Click on add to Chrome click Add to Chrome

5.Click on Add extension on the pop ups

6.Wait for a while, metamask is now in the Chrome extension, click on that and open get to the wallet.

7.Set up a your own wallet

8. Enter your password

9.click here to reveal secret words, there are 12 secret words for you to copy them down and keep them safe. You will need them to log in to your wallet.

10. Click on the secret words in the right order and the wallet is now all set.

Add a network

1. First, open metamask,click on settings

2. Click「networks」,「add a network」

3. Fill in the boxes below with the information below and click save.

Network Name:Binance Smart Chain

New RPC URL:https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org


Currency Symbol:BNB

Block Explorer URL:https://bscscan.com


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