Partner Development

Build a bond belonging to you and your partners!

Hero Partner

The player will use 3 heroes to fight in the game.

Class Skills

  • Each class features 2 unique skills.

  • You can come up with different approaches through the different combinations of the classes.

  • Equipping NFT skins will also additionally add 1 skin skill.NFT Skins

Acquire Hero

By visiting where the heroes are at in the journey, you can add them to your team after completing their affection.

  • There are 16 heroes in the current game world, find them in the world and let them become your partners!

  • The hero will increase in number as the game develops further, please stay tuned for new heroes!


Each hero comes with 4 types of basic stats.

Hero Training

Each hero has their own unique training arc. The higher your hero's attribute has become, the stronger the enemy your hero can challenge.

You can determine the strength of the current hero through two dimensions, the hero's star rating and level.

You can raise the hero's stats through the following methods.

  • The number in the circle stands for the hero's level. By feeding food to the hero, you can raise the hero's level, while raising their stats.Cuisine System

  • The number near the star is the hero's star rating. The hero's star rating is the average star rating of the equipment equipped by a hero. By putting up equipment for the hero, you can raise their stats, and advanced equipment provides the heroes with additional skills.Equipment System

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