Compete for the strongest players and win tons of TAP Tokens

Battle Rules

Each adventurer can use 3 heroes to form a team to fight with other adventurers.

Defeat the other player's team within the time counts as a victory, if the 3 heroes in battle are defeated, or if the time is over and has not defeated the opponent, it counts as lost.

Adventurers can earn trophy points after every victory. Adventurers will also receive different titles depending on their trophy points.


  1. Trophy points are awarded to adventurers who win a duel.

  2. Trophy points will not be deducted from the loss of battles until you reach 1500 trophy points.

  3. You can also get sprint a reward - a colosseum medal according to the hint of adventurer's trophy points.

  4. Colosseum medals from each season can be redeemed for heroes, as well as for chat bubbles in the comments.

  5. TAP Token rewards will be sent according to the adventurer's current ranking every 7 days. The higher the ranking, the richer the reward.

  6. Trophies will reset after the season ends.


Players will receive a title based on their ranking.

Colosseum titles will be displayed in the chat.


The colosseum gradings will be rewarded once a week.

For individuals: In addition to the weekly ranking rewards, there will be other rewards for ranking in each season.

For clubs: By increasing the number of trophies, the club's ranking can increase and will get more TAP Tokens.

Colosseum Exchange

You can exchange your favorite items at Exchange by colosseum medals.

Exchange instructions

  1. Heroes: Currently redeemable heroes are Jeweler and Blade master. Both heroes have production skills, and obtaining them can produce special equipments in the game. For these special equipments, it is better to exchange them ASAP.

  2. Chat bubbles: Make your chat more fancy by exchange chat bubbles.

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