One-time team BOSS


There are some one-time team bosses on the map;

Players can team up to defeat these BOSSes to gain rewards;

The corresponding boss will disappear from your map after you beat it;

But you can still help others to defeat the boss by entering through the invitation link of the team channel and friend channel;

Help others 3 times you can obtain a reward, but only 1 time;


Tree Essence

The "range of burst meteor" will fall from the sky;

Picking up the meteor will give you a crit attack bonus range, shown as a green circle;

All player units in the range will receive a significant increase in crit attack rate;

Flame Crown Chicken

BOSS will release petrification on random players;

Petrified players cannot perform any action until the time is over;

Other players can rescue the petrified player, succeed rescue will let both players get the crit attack BUFF;

Bear Warrior

A "range of invincible meteor" will fall from the sky;

When you pick up a meteor, you gain a range invincible effect, shown as a green circle;

All players who enter the green circle will get invincibility buff;

BOSS will release high damage full-screen skills, can not dodge;


BOSS will release a "time bomb" on random players;

The player can not move, the bomb explosion will cause high damage to players within a certain area;

Other players can rescue the player who was placed bombs, succeed rescue will let both players to get the explosion BUFF;


All players entering the map will be burned by the flames, losing blood every second;

There are two "recovery stones" on the ground, which will quickly restore HP every second to the player who picks them up;

Players with the "recovery meteor" can pass it on to other players;

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