Great Rift

Play to Earn - the rifts that brings wealth

Open one watchtower and you will be qualified to enter the rifts.

The rifts are located in the center.

Rift Instructions

There is a total of four rifts, corresponding to different element attributes. Challenge them requires different element resistances.

Every rift is divided into Basic, Medium, and Advanced.

The higher the difficulty, the higher the element resistance and the higher the rewards.

Entry Instructions

  1. Adventurers can determine the element attributes corresponding to the rifts through the elf in front of the four rifts. Different Rifts require different element resistances.

  2. Use crystal shards to enter the rift of the corresponding attribute. Crystal shards can be purchased directly when entering the rift.

  3. Before entering the rift, you must confirm whether your equipment can successfully defeat the mobs.

  4. After entering the rift, you can see that there are all kinds of mobs, defeat them to get higher star equipment.

  5. After exiting the rift, the rift will reset whether you have defeated all mobs or not during last time.

Weekly Output Change

The output in the rifts changes every week, one increase means another is decreasing.

Element Resistances

You must ensure that there are enough elements to successfully change the rift!

  • The element resistances required to defeat mobs are the sum of the element resistances of the NFT skins worn by the heroes.

  • Basic rifts require 6 element resistances. Medium rifts require 12 element resistances, and advanced rifts require 18 element resistances.

Mobs' Refresh Mechanism

Every time the crystal is consumed, an elemental boss and a bunch of elemental mobs will be refreshed in the rift.

Rift mobs drop energy gems, common equipment, keys.

Different difficulty levels of mobs drop different levels of keys.

Secret Elf Merchant

You can use keys to open treasure chests at the Elf Merchant.

Open treasure chests for a chance to obtain magical equipments that is only produced in the rifts: Artifacts!

You can also get a special mine to upgrade the skin: Magic Crystal

(Accessories and Artifacts will have special skills, please check the equipments system for details)

Treasure Chest' Output

  • **Lucky chests:**There is 30% chance to open 1 Magic Crystals, 10 - 15 star artifact equipment, and a small number of R-rank NFT cards.

  • **Hero chests:**There is 30% chance to open 4 Magic Crystals, 11 - 16 star artifact equipment, and all R-rank NFT cards.

  • Miracle chest: There is 30% chance to open 11 Magic Crystals, 13 - 18 star artifact equipment, and all R-rank SR-rank NFT cards.

The more advanced the treasure chest, the more Magic Crystals can be produced when it is opened, and other rewards will also be better. The sooner you upgrade your NFT skin, the sooner you can get more profits.

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