Excavate through the underworld!

Get more rewards by excavating.

During the exploration you will encounter the wall which can be excavated, when you destroy it you will be able to access the hidden area to get more rewards.

Underworld exploration

In the Wasteland map, there is a entrance for underworld, you can get underworld access by defeat the 13-star BOSS.

The main way to explore the underworld is to excavate, sometimes you can excavate out a large area to get some generous rewards.

Pickaxe Upgrade

During the exploration process, you may encounter higher level walls. You need to make higher level pickaxe to continue exploring. The most advanced pickaxe which is gold pickaxe can also get rare equipment forging materials through excavating.

The materials required for pickaxe producing (gold, silver and copper mines) are also obtained by excavating, by adding a few magic crystals in blacksmith store, you can obtain the pickaxe that you want, or you can buy it directly from the trade market. Before the pickaxe making, you may need to make a corresponding anvil. You can choose to buy a pickaxe made by other players directly for anvil producing cost saving to be a pure excavator or you can choose to be a businessman who only use the anvil to produce the pickaxe for selling. The anvil will reserve even finish the season but the pickaxe will be neutralized.

More high level BOSS

Excavate deeply, a part of being able to obtain a lot rewards without recharging, you can also challenge more high level BOSS which has a generous rewards.

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