Bind wallet tutorial(SOL)

Connect your wallet to the land of Odom and become one of us!

Register / Create Wallet

  1. Open the chrome store, search for Phantom and add it to Chrome

2.Choose to create a new wallet and set your password

3.Then your 12 helpers will appear, this is the only way to retrieve your wallet, please keep it safe.

4.Click Finish, and the wallet is created

Binding game

  1. Open the game and click on the top right corner of Link wallet; or click on personal - select link wallet

2.The following pop-up window will appear, click search for my address

3.Pop up the Phantom wallet plug-in, click connect

Please note that once a wallet is tied to an account, it cannot be untied or exchanged, so please remember the address of your tied wallet.

4.Click Approve in the pop-up plug-in

5.At this point, your game wallet is bound successfully.

Binding TAP FANTASY official website

1.First of all, open the official website of TAP FANTASY:, select SOL, click on the bonded wallet, as shown in the picture below.

2.Select a wallet you are using and click Bind in the pop-up plugin. (Let's take Phantom as an example)

3.When you see your wallet address on the official website as shown below, congratulations you have completed the wallet binding.

4.If you have any questions about the registration process, please join our Telegram chat group ( or Discord chat group ( and we will have a dedicated customer service staff to help you with your questions.

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