How to get runes?

Rune are so useful, let's bring it up!

As an asset that can be chained in the game, runes currently have three ways to obtain them:

Get in game

In the main city, unlock the rune function and talk to Alice to unlock related functions.

Identify rune cores

Each account can obtain an Unidentified Rune Core by consuming 160 Polishing Stone and 29 Magic Crystals every day. Rune cores can also be obtained by consuming 100 Rune Fragments.

Rune cores can be used for rune identification. A rune core will only become a valid rune after going through a three-stage identification process. Each stage of identification consumes 2 Magic Crystals.

When identifying a rune, the first identification will determine the pattern and color of the rune, that is to say, the rune skill and skill level will be confirmed. The second identification will determine the shape of the rune, which means the number of attributes is confirmed. The third identification will determine the star rating of the rune, that is, the level of the attribute, and at the same time, the entire rune will also be added to your inventory.

Rune transform

In the process of identifying rune cores, it is possible to obtain some runes with an unsatisfying skills. In those cases, we can use the function of rune transform to convert that rune into a new one by generating a new rune pattern, and only consuming 10 Rune Fragment.

Please noted that the color, shape, and star rating will not be affected during the transform process. Only the pattern of the rune will be randomly drawn.

There is no upper limit to the number to times the rune transform function can be used per day, which means that a desired pattern can be obtained through multiple transforms.

Rune disenchant

If an identified rune is really bad in all aspects, it can be disenchanted into Rune Fragments by using this function. It should be noted that disenchanting any rune will return 30 Rune Fragments, and will not be adjusted according to the color, shape or star rating of the rune.

Purchase in Trading Post

In the rune page of the trading post, you can see the runes posted by other adventurers. Always keep an eye on that because those runes unliked by others could be useful for you in some situation, and it is possible to get nice runes with a decent price. Take the opportunity when you have enough gold!

Purchase in Marketplace

Runes are assets that can be traded with other players on the chain. After you have returned with a full load of gold, if you have runes that you do not need temporarily, you can choose to sell or rent them in the marketplace. In the same way, if you have a more ambitious pursuit of gold, you can also buy or rent runes posted by other players in the market!

Please check the link for official access:

For the third-party trading platform, please check the link:

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