NFT Refining

NFT Refining makes SP skins possible ~

Sometimes it's hard to get the desired elemental points, the element type is too scattered and we can not enter the specified secret land. Plus, it's also very difficult to get SP skin.

If the above situation is what you met, come to the NFT refining and take a look!

The entrance of NFT Refining

Click on the 「card」, select the card you want to refine, click on the upgrade you can see NFT Refining.

The rule of NFT Refining

Refining NFT skins with 4 or 6 elemental points needs 1 elemental crystal, Refining NFT skins with 8 or 10 elemental points needs 2 elemental crystals.

*Source of Fantasy Token: Abyssal Secret Land Exchange or NFT disenchant.

3. NFT skins with one element attribute and SP skins can not be refined.

Well, it is NFT refining above, SP skins are waiting for you, GOOD LUCK!

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