Memory Master

This is a fun and rewarding leisure game. Call your friends to challenge!


Memory Master is a game depends on memory + skill + luck. The entrance is a card that keeps flipping. Click the card to start the game.


Basic rules

Players can open two cards at the same time. If the patterns are the same, they will be eliminated. If the patterns are different, they will be turned back to the back.

There are three levels, and the difficulty of each level increases.

⌛️ There is a 2-minute-limitation for game. If all cards are eliminated within the specified time, you win. And if they are not eliminated, you lose.

Only when you win the game will your score be recorded in the Ranking.

Scoring rules

Final score = time score + combo score

Time score: How many seconds you remain, how many scores you will get.


The rewards of each activity are different. See for details👇

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High score tips

It can be seen from the scoring rules that if you want to get a higher score, you not only need to eliminate cards quickly, but more importantly, you need to get higher combo. So how can you do this?

First, you need to remember where different cards are as much as possible.

Second, eliminate the cards at one time to get the highest combo.

When you are in game, don't rush to eliminate them even if you know the position of the same card.Only when you are confident to hit all cards in a row, you can eliminate them.

You should know that the number of combos is the key to get high score.

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