Demon Expedition

You can start the game by finding the Demon Gate on the map. The gate is usually located near the teleportation tower, so you need to explore more and open more teleportation towers.

Rules & Reward

  1. Adventurers need to use special summon tickets to participate in the game. Summon tickets can be purchased with gold coins. 15% of the gold coins spent on the summon coupon will enter the bonus pool, The more participants, the higher the total amount of the prize.

  2. According to the amount of damage ranking, the higher the ranking, the more bonus you can get. The leaderboards are settled weekly.

  3. The higher the star level of summon monster, the higher the damage, If the BOSS is restrained, the damage will be ×2, If restrained by BOSS, the damage will be -50%.

The ranking will record the current prize pool and publicize the ranking rewards.

You can exchange the summoned monster, and the system will exchange it into different amounts of coins according to the level of the summoned monster.

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