Casual Combat

You can only overcome your fear by facing them directly

There are many types of mobs in this world... and formidable adversaries!

You might run into them in the course of your adventure and you can even challenge them.

The battle is a steady way to earn equipment, raw food, and power gems.

Combat System

The battle in TapFantasy is very easy and casual, which will be carried out automatically.

For each battle, the player must deploy 3 heroes to fight, please find below the combat page.

  • The Green HP bar indicates the HP of your heroes. When your heroes are all fallen, you will lose the battle.

  • Red HP bar indicates the HP of your enemies. You will win the battle when you have eliminated all enemies.

  • You can control the heroes by tapping on them in the battle.

  • Killed monsters will drop items. The dropped items of the monsters will be temporarily stored in the loot inventory. You can claim them all after winning the battle.


You need to spend stamina to challenge the combat block of the monsters.

Mobs in the Way

A block that will spawn a lot of monsters, win by eliminating as many waves of monsters as possible.

Strong Adversaries

Sometimes you might run into the adventurers from other regions in your journey.

You can try challenging them if you are confident about your own strength.

  • You can also earn a lot of good rewards if you defeat them.

  • When fighting against the adventurers, you are unable to move.

  • When defeating an adventurer, the rewards will be added to your loot inventory. You can claim them after winning the battle

Boss in the Way

The boss who will stay in the key route to block the players from advancing.

The battle against them is different from the normal battle against mobs.

  • Only one boss will appear in the boss battle.

  • When the boss's HP drops, they will start unleashing AoE skills with high damage. You must move your heroes to dodge the boss's skill attack.

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