NFT Skins

The prerequisite of PLAY TO EARN

Every hero will have their NFT skin. NFT skin can add 1 additional skill, and be different from the others. In TAP FANTASY, we already have more than 200 different NFT skins and we will launch new NFT Skins into the game every month.

Basics of NFT Skins:

NFT skins are divided into four grades: R, SR, SSR, SP.

SP skins are hidden skins and can only be obtained with a small chance while upgrading the R or SR skins. The image and the voice of the original skin will be changed after upgrading to an SP skin.

The total number of all skin is constant and will have a unique identification code, and you should remember the rarer the skin, the fewer the number.

If you don't use your skin, you can put it on the market and sell it.

NFT skins can enhance the hero's skills and change the hero's appearance.

How to gain NFT Skins?

You can gain NFT Skins by joining the events.

In the game, you can gain NFT Skins by opening the treasure chest of ELF merchants.

How to strengthen your NFT Skins?

After you gained NFT skin, you can upgrade it by intimacy.

Increased intimacy requires magic crystal and TAP TOKEN. The default intimacy level is 0, the maximum level is 5.

Each upgrade can obtain 2 points for random element resistance. The elements are divided into wind, earth, fire, and water, the total value is up to 10 points.

The element resistance of players will affect the level of the rift that players can challenge, if you want to challenge a high-level rift, you need to strengthen your NFT skin.

NFT benefits

The most direct benefits of NFT skin on you is to increase the upper limit of purchasing AP, which means that if you have enough NFT skin, you can have more AP than other players to make money. Details can be viewed.Stamina System

The profit from Rift

Each rift needs different element resistance. The resources produced by rift will change dynamically every week.

NFT skin with more different element resistance and higher intimacy can help you challenge a higher level rift.

The more NFT skins you have, the more choices you have.

Gain NFT Skin as much as you can. Get resources by upgrading your NFT skin!

How to gain SP NFT Skins?

  • When SR skin and R skin meet the conditions, it will turn into SP skin.

  • SP Skin will change the original style.

  • Some NFT Skin has two SP forms.

  • Your probability of getting SP skin is only 1 / 1024, and it could only be triggered when intimacy reaches level 5.


If you have NFT skin, you can set the corresponding NFT skin portrait as your portrait.

Show your NFT portrait in the Club chat.

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