NFT disenchant

Disenchanting is for merging.
You can disenchant spare skins to get Fantasy Token
for NFT elemental points refinement.

Disenchant probability

The amount of Fantasy Token disenchanted from different quality skins is different.
The amount of Fantasy Token disenchanted from the same quality of the skin is also different.

Steps of disenchanting

1.Click on [card] ,and click on [Disenchant NFT]

2.Choose the skins you want to disenchant, you can see the number of skins you have chosen and the skins you can disenchant.

3. Click on [disenchant], the skins you chose will be disenchanted into Fantasy Token.


  1. 1.
    You can't disenchant the skins that are equipped, and you can't disenchant SP skins.
2. Disenchant the skin with elemental attributes, you won't get additional props.