NFT City

Build your own city on your own NFT land

Tap Fantasy team is very excited to introduce the releasing function that allows players to own NFT land in a world full of amazing adventures. Let‘s see what you can do with your NFT land on the land of Odom!

Inthe world of TAP Fantasy, players are able to construct buildings that help them to generate profits on the land or trade their NFT land anytime in the market after the purchase. As the number of players who are willing to purchase the land increases, the price of the lands are expected raise since the number of the lands are limited. In addition, the profile avatar of the owner of the land will be demonstrated on the land and the size of the avatar is related to the size of the land that players owned.

Maid cafe:

After purchased the NFT land, players can establish and construct projects that are both excited and profitable. For example, you can offer stamina restoring coffee by building a coffee shop; other players are able to restore stamina by drinking your coffee. Your name and avatar is shown on the top right corner of your UI panel so that players in the shop can see the shop owner when they enter your shop. The revenue is also shown on the top right corner for you to keep track of your business anytime.

In order to make the coffee, players can find the ingredients while adventuring in the game, or they can find them in the market. The market is full of business opportunities. You might find the ingredients with a lower price in the market so that you can earn an additional profits not only from making the coffee, but also from trading the coffee ingredients.

Fitness center:

Another business you can do with the NFT lands is the fitness center. Once your new shop opens, other players can attend to the fitness class to strengthen their hero in game; different classes offers different augmentations of the attributes to their hero. Just like the maid shop, the costs of every fitness classes that other players attended goes in to your revenue.

There are many more excitingly profitable projects and adventure waiting on you to establish and discover with NFT assets in the game. With your efforts and contribution, a city of NFT lands owned by players will rise on the land of the Odom. We are looking forward to see you in the game in the future!

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