Special events

The mysterious continent always has infinite surprises waiting for you to discover.


Types of special events

  1. Picnic Time

Fragrant foods cooked in a pot, by stirring the spoon you will obtain a delicious food.

2.Old Shipwreck

The old ships are used to be find at the continental coast division, adventurers can explore those ships to find some equipment.

3.Sacred tree pray

The sacred tree was formed at the same time as the Odom, therefore it became a symbol of God in the hearts of the inhabitants of the continent. The tree will reward the devout adventurers with green gems.

4.Fossils excavating

Nobody knows how long this continent has existed, but from the green gems-encrusted fossils that can be seen everywhere, it can be inferred that that older life must have existed.

5.Bubble Hot Spring

The warm spring water can relax the weary adventurer and allow the adventurer to recover his AP.

6.Mysterious Ruins

The ancient ruins hidden in the corners of the continent. You will get accordingly rewards by explore them.

7.Stones guide

A stone with mystery hidden. Follow the prompts to light up the mark on the stone to get the equipment reward.

8.Second space

A mirror scattered on the ground, select one side to wipe it clean to get the reward in the mirror. The left hand side you will get foods; The right hand side you will get equipment


Coffin with full of mystery, Adventurer s need to defeat the tomb guard to get the reward.

10.hallucinogenic effect

Mandala flower have a hallucinogenic effect and will take the adventurers who pick them into a Illusion.

11.Ignite the fire

There are some flints scattered around the wood pile, after lighting the wood pile can permanently gain the vision near the wood pile.


Among the bottles and jars stained with dirt, you can find some energy potions that are still intact.

13.Nurturing seedlings

Seedlings that have just emerged from the ground can grow energetic fruits by watering and AP fruits by fertilizing.

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