Bind mailbox tutorial

Bind yourself to Odom and become a member of Odom!

Tapfantasy, as a play to earn game, allows players to mine and make money in the game. So how to win a lot of NFT skin, tap token, gold coins and MC to play to earn?

Bind mailbox

1.Enter the game, click the "personal" button and select "bind mail"

2.Click "bind" to enter the bind email interface

3.Enter your email and the obtained verification code, and click bind

Note: when the email you entered has been bound to the official website account, your current account data will be directly overwritten by the official website data. Please operate with caution.

Official website login

1.Click the "copy" button, open the copied website in the browser and enter the official website

2.Click "play now"

3.Enter your account and password

Account number: bound email address

Password: the verification code when binding the mailbox (the verification code is a temporary password and can be modified on the official website)

4.Click BSC to enter the game

Bind Wallet

Click here to enter the binding wallet tutorial

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