The Land of Alebion-Abyss Secret Land hunt tutorial

Intense fight for ownership!

Go to the Abyss Secret Land

The newly added feature "The Land Of Alebioon" on ver1.6 is a good place for gold farming, let's just get going and let me describe to you how to enter "The Land Of Alebion" and "Abyss Secret Land".

It's really easy to go there, as long as the user has activated any TP towers, the TP tower on "The Land Of Alebion" will also be activated. Once you have arrived there, just move to the left and you will see the gate to "Abyss Secret Land".

Entrance Requirement

The Abyss Secret Land requires a reserve of magic crystals to reach the requirement to enter;

The quantity need to achieve the requirement. It does not consume the magic crystals;

Abyss is divided into 6 layers, the lower the layer the better the reward, the higher the difficulty of the monsters;

The P2E income of "The Land Of Alebion"

"The Land Of Alebion" doesn't consume your AP points, which means this is all additional income as you can still access other P2E game features meanwhile.

Equipment Chest

In the "Abyss Secret Land", various chests are the most income . You can receive equipment in slot1-6, plus the special equipment "Star Spirit" in slot 7-8.

Please click here for the description of "Star Spirit":

Treasure Chest Slots

The unique mechanism here is that you can't have chests directly in your bag, but they will be in the chest slot instead. Those chests need to be unlocked manually and it needs time. Better chests need more time and multiple chests cannot be unlocked at the same time.

Please be aware that you can't acquire more chests if your slots are full. So it's better to rest once your slots are full.

Because you can't drop the chest once you have obtained it, it's recommended to get the better chest for more income.

Increasing the chest slots

The default treasure chest slots are 2 and more treasure slots can be unlocked with TAP. The maximum treasure slots are 4, and the amount of the TAP is based on its market price, which is 5U&10U approximately.

Instant Unlocking

Once you have unlocked all treasure chest slots, the "Instant Unlocking" feature can be activated by TAP. You can only use it 5 times daily and the price varies from chest to chest and decreases as the time left decreases and increases as the number of uses per day increases. The price is also calculated by U and the number of TAPs consumed is based on the market price of TAP. Generally speaking, it is better to "Instant unlocking" for the first 2 times a day.

Lottery Slot

Once you have slain the Abyss BOSS, all players will receive lottery points which can be used for the "Lottery Slot" for a chance to win "Gold" (Diamond will be received in the Diamond version). Actually, this is the equivalent of returning the purchase of an Abyss Boss ticket in the form of a raffle, and maybe even earning!

When you have 2 Fire or 3 Fire in the "Lottery Slot", you can smash a golden egg for a chance to win the Heart of Mana, which can be exchanged for in-game bound TAP, FANTASY Token and MC.

When you have 2 S or 3 S in the "Lottery Slot", a random NPC will appear and you will receive different gifts depending on your choice of conversation.

Please click here for the conversation guide.Lottery slot Conversation & Reward

Lottery points, Heart of mana, and gifts can all be traded in the market, you can buy&sell there.

Score Ranking

When you kill the Abyss bosses as owner, you will receive gems You will receive gems when you have slain the Abyss BOSS, weekly ranking rewards based on the number of gems you have will be distributed to you. Each level will award different gems and there are different rankings, with the higher the ranking the better the rewards.

How To Play

There are 3 different gameplay modes in Abyss Secret Land, which are Abyss BOSS, Abyss World Boss and Treasure Chest Hunt, and they are introduced below.

Abyss BOSS

The first player to fight the boss will be the first to become the owner. If the owner is killed by the boss or is too far away from the boss, the owner will lose ownership and the owner will be reassigned by whoever attacked the boss first.

If the owner is killed by another player, the player who defeated the owner then becomes the owner. When the BOSS is slain, the owner will be rewarded with the Owner reward and the other players will be rewarded with the Participation reward. The owner reward is significantly better than the participation reward.

However, even the participation rewards are generous and not to be missed, and Abyss BOSS is not a game where you don't have to participate if you can't get the ownership. The value of the owner's treasure chest is about twice that of a participating chest, but because it takes longer to open, the actual per unit time gain is about 1.5 times more than that of a participant.

The spawning of the Abyss Boss is fixed that is hourly.


UP Abyss BOSS has the better drops but also with a higher star-level, you can find them on the map with unique icons, so make sure you don't miss them.

Let me introduce the two new skills that have been added to the UP Abyss BOSS.


Calobeth is a three-headed dog that will unleash 13 continuous dodgeable ranged attacks on a target, which will kill you if you don't dodge. When the player dodges, the range of the skill will move with the player. In other words, the player can control the range of the boss's attack by moving around, either towards the crowd to harm other players or away from the crowd so that other players can fight the boss without fear.

In addition, this boss will also release a rain of randomly falling swords across the screen, so be careful to dodge them. Owners should be careful not to move too far away from the boss when dodging, otherwise they will lose their ownership.


Oryx is a magical old man figure who uses the Chain skill to link players together, with up to 9 players linked to him at the center of one player. If one of the linked players takes damage, all the other players will take the same damage, making it a very dangerous skill. However, it is easy to break the chain as long as the connected player is far enough away to break the chain, so try to break the chain if you are connected.

In this mode of gameplay, the owner is in an awkward position as they lose their ownership if they move too far away from the boss. In addition, other players can choose to attack the chained player immediately after their chain is ripped off, and this damage is also transmitted by the chain, making it difficult for the owner to remain in this mode of play and making the situation unpredictable.

Abyss World BOSS

When a certain number of Abyss bosses are slayed on each level (with random intervals), the World Boss of that level will appear.The Abyss World BOSS is basically the same as the World Bosses in the field, so we won't go into the details here, but if you want to know the rules, you can click here: World BOSS

The main difference between the Abyss World BOSS and the field world BOSS is the drop, where the drop is the Kingly Chest and the Chief Chest, which is the X2 Abyss BOSS owner Chest.

Abyss Treasure Chest Hunt

Some treasure chests will randomly appear in the Abyss Secret Land.The rules of this gameplay are the same as those of the chest looting stage after killing the World Boss. When the treasure chest hunt appears, there will be a notification on the whole service and a 30-second waiting time. Most of the time, there will only be 1 treasure chest in the scene, but occasionally there will be 5 treasure chests.

The treasure chests in this gameplay are roughly equivalent to the rewards of participating in the Abyss Boss, but since they don't cost a ticket, it's still a better deal if you can grab them. However, for those who have the ability to grab the Abyss Boss, there is no need to do so.

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