Tap Fantasy NFT Avatar& Wallpaper Features Introduction

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Hi guys, good to see you again😁! Today we are introducing our upcoming NFT Avatar& Wallpaper Features🎉, those features will extremely personalize players’ information. In addition, it’s believed those features will benefit the game experience and in-game interactions for players.❤️

💁‍♀️Firstly, players are allowed to create their own NFT Avatar&Wallpaper, it can be stored as an exhibition🖼 but also be uploaded in the game. Moreover, NFT Avatar&Wallpaper will be able to be traded💰 so that players can make income from them. This is a really good opportunity for players to differentiate themselves from each other with their personalized artworks.👍

Additionally, as you can see the NFT Avatar will be hexagonally colored framed🪅 with a dynamic effect that can be stand out from the original default square avatars.

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🤔Also, there are many comment sections in the game, which allows players to socialize and interact with each other💃. As a result, players with their special NFT Avatar can be seen everywhere, including the PVP ranking board⚔️.

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Furthermore, players are allowed to edit🎬 their NFT Wallpaper in the profile🎨, and this feature will be interacted by players in many application scenarios.

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👉Finally, players can check and inspect the NFT Avatar&Wallpaper artworks in our future upcoming NFT Museum🏛, you can interact and engage within the Museum such as hit a Like👍, Comment👀, and Tipping💸. The most popular artwork will be displayed as the banner every week.📆

Lastly, 🥳thank you for the support all the time and please stay tuned for more events.🌈

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