World BOSS

Dare you challenge me?

Find the BOSS

When the BOSS shows up, all warriors of the Odom continent will receive the signal, tap the MAP, and you can find where the BOSS is.

Each map has a BOSS, The higher the level of the boss, the harder it is to beat, but the reward will be better.

Tap MAP and open it, you will find the BOSS, as the picture shows.

You can check reward and the other players at here。

Congratulations, you already entered, look like the other players came earlier than you.

Kill the BOSS together

Tap the BOSS's avatar to attack.

You can see the BOSS has a 5 HP Bar, you need to kill the boss and get rewards.

When you deplete one HP Bar of BOSS, the BOSS will release a shield, you must break the shield within the limited time then can really deplete the BOSS's HP, if not, the BOSS will restore health.

It's not easy to break the shield of BOSS, you'd better ask more people to challenge together.

Break the BOSS's shield can get the Dragon Blood chest, you can pick it now, all chest you picked will temporarily be stored in trophy bag.

The collected chest will be temporarily stored in the trophy bag. If you die in combat, the rewards will be emptied. For details, please see For treasure.

Be careful, the BOSS will release range-attack with extremely high damage. When the attack release ,there will be a red area on the battlefield, if you see that, just avoid it as soon as possible.

Attack the BOSS until it is completely killed. After the BOSS is killed, the system will SHOW the player who gave the BOSS final attack and give a Dragon chest as a reward.

You need to pay attention to the time. The BOSS will disappear after appearing for a period of time. You can kill BOSS only when the BOSS exists.

When the countdown is over, you will end the combat and be transported back to land of Odom.

When the BOSS is killed, the Dragon chest will appear on the battlefield.

You are unable to enter the battlefield after the boss dies, so please think carefully before you leave.

The reward for World BOSS

There are 2 kinds of treasure chests in the World BOSS, the Dragon chest and the Dragon Blood chest, the Dragon chest is a reward for killing the boss, and the Dragon Blood chest is a reward for breaking the boss's shield.

Open the chest you can get Ornaments, and this is the only way for you to get Ornaments at present, which can help you earn more money!

The Dragon chest contains richer rewards rather than the Dragon Blood chest. In addition to better and more equipment, there are Jewel Key inside.

When you have enough Jewel Key, go to the RIFT and find Elf merchant.

Open the Legend Chest can get TAP TOKEN or NFT SKIN.

For treasure

You have learned how to cooperate. Now it's time for the competition. Each player can pick up countless treasure boxes. The treasure boxes obtained on the battlefield will be temporarily stored in the trophy bag. As long as you are strong enough, you can kill all players and have their treasure boxes.

The list on the left is according to the distance, and the number of all players in the current battlefield; the list on the right will display the players who are currently attacking you.

It should be noted that players who belong to the same club as you in the list on the left will be displayed as green HP bars, and the rest will be displayed as red HP bars. You can quickly identify the identities of other players by the color of the HP bars.

If you kill another player, you can have all the rewards temporarily stored in the trophy bag.

If you are killed by other players, you will lose all rewards temporarily stored in the trophy bag. Players who have killed you will appear on the battlefield in the form of red names, find them and avenge.

In order to allow everyone to compete and cooperate in the game, the PK mechanism between players has been removed until the World Boss is defeated. Therefore, the treasure chests dropped when the shields are shattered are not up for grabs.

When the BOSS dies, it will drop treasure chests, 3 of which will be distributed to the top 3 in the field in terms of damage output, 1 will be given to the player who dealt the last blow to the BOSS, and the remaining treasure chests will be randomly refreshed in the map and grabbed by players. That is to say, when the BOSS is killed, PK between players officially opens.

In addition, the treasure chests dropped in the game also set the CD time to open, the magic dragon treasure chest CD time is 3 hours, the dragon blood treasure chest CD time is 8 hours, so we allocate time reasonably oh.

If you die in combat, you can pay GOLD or wait some time to revive, there is one thing you need to know, the number of GOLD is dependent on the difficulty of BOSS, the stronger BOSS you meet, the more GOLD you need.

Of course, you can leave the battlefield anytime if you want, then you can get your rewards, just TAP the return.

If you want to go back and challenge again, you can TAP the BOSS to enter it, but you need to wait a second or just pay for it.

Depending on the difficulty of BOSS, the need for GOLD is different.

Help your friend

You can also check the current status of other players in the list on the left, such as picking up treasure chests or PK with other players. You can walk to other players to check their current status.

If you find that your friend is attacked when picking up the treasure chest in the battlefield, you can go to his vicinity. At this time, the dynamics of nearby players will appear in the list on the left. Click on the player who is attacking your friend to help your friend get the treasure chest.

You must know how to beat World BOSS now, let's go and fight warriors.

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