Season System

Inextricable Mobius strip


Each season is 90 days.

During these 90 days, players need to unlock all the maps on the continent ASAP to maximize their combat power. While keeping fight rifts to get more rewards.

Challenge the colosseum, compete with other players and become the top player in the colosseum, and receive the final season rewards!


Season rankings are divided into personal rankings and team rankings.

Personal ranking

Players are ranked according to the number of personal trophies, and TAP TOKEN will be awarded according to the ranking.

You can get more TAP TOKEN by increasing the trophies.

Team ranking

The team ranking is based on the total number of trophies in the club, and TAP TOKEN are awarded.

Help your club increase the number of trophies to get more TAP TOKEN.

Items to be emptied

Empty equipment

First of all, it should be noted that at the end of the season, all players' equipment will be automatically cleared by the system, but this does not mean that these equipment are useless. They can greatly enhance your combat effectiveness, help you get a better ranking in the Colosseum, and then get more TAP TOKEN.

You can regard this as an investment in TAP TOKEN, but you need to make your own decision on how to do it。Click the link Advanced treasure hunt tutorial

Empty fine food & raw food

Like equipment, all the fine food and raw food you collect during the season will be emptied, so you'd better use them quickly before the end of the season, upgrade your partners, make them stronger, and help you get a better season ranking.

Empty character level

You will meet many partners in the game. They will not leave at the end of the season, but their level will return to level 1 at the beginning of the new season, which means you need to grow up with them again.

Empty Colosseum Medal

The Colosseum Medal will also be emptied.

In the exchange, you can choose the items or characters you want to exchange. All items and characters can be exchanged only once, because the Colosseum Medal will be empty every season and cannot be accumulated. If you can get the crown level bubble in one season, it will show your unparalleled status and glory in the Colosseum.

please clickHero's info to find how to get better performance in the Colosseum.

Similarly, you should also remember to come here from time to time to see what can be exchanged. They are a symbol of your courage and strength. Don't let these Colosseum Medal expire in vain.

Item will be retained

The TAP TOKEN; Magic Crystal; Gold coins; Obtainable Characters; Character Skin and level; Fine Food Gallery; Chest key; Element crystal and so on.

Important information

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