Medium treasure hunt tutorial

What? there is better way to get money? Tell me more of about that!

Rift, as the name implies, is a place where there are treasures everywhere. Here you can harvest better equipment than outside, and even rare magic crystals and NFT skins. So what are you waiting for? Come with me ~

What is the rift?

Once you unlock the first watchtower, you can find the location of the rift like the picture below.

Click on the watchtower and you will be transported to an island shaped like a bitcoin, where you will start your journey of advanced gold fighting.

What's in the rift?

Every rift has different scenery.

Access conditions for the Rift?

In this beautiful and fertile land, there is majestic vitality and endless wealth. If warriors want to explore the treasures here, they must take the elemental attribute with them, the proof of entering the land.

As you can see in the picture below, the minimum requirement to enter the rift is 6 points of elemental attributes. Elemental attributes do not meet the requirements will be attached to the tutorial on how to get elemental attributes (that is, I 😉 ).

How to get the element attributes?

Step 1: Obtain NFT skin

Click on "Cards" and select "card shop", you will see 3 types of card pools, 2 UP pools and 1 resident pool.

After drawing a card, select "Obtain" and the drawn card will go into your backpack.

Step 2: Upgrade NFT skin, each level of a random elemental attribute +2.

Find the card you just drew in the list of cards and click "Check".

Select the card you want to upgrade, click "level up", then your card will get 2 points of elemental attributes. (To upgrade your skin, you need to consume MC, click here for the MC tutorial)

Step 3: Equip the upgraded NFT skin.

If the total number of points of any element in the three equipped cards exceeds 6 points, you can enter the corresponding rift.

How to challenge the Rift?

You need to purchase a ticket before entering the rift, and the tickets required will vary by difficulty.

Once you have your ticket, click on "Challenge" to choose your team and enter the corresponding level of difficulty in the rift.

Before the challenge, 3 types of blessings will appear randomly, and you can choose the most suitable one. Of all the blessings, the gold one has the highest quality, followed by the purple and blue ones.

Then defeat the monsters in the rift one by one and get your reward.

After defeating the boss of this level, the next level will be unlocked at the same time. Go and unlock the higher level to get better rewards!

What can I get in the rift?

Gems can be obtained in the Rift and used to unlock the gem pass rewards. You should know that the pass "extra large treasure chest" is the only drop channel for leg guards and boots at the beginning of the season, although the drop rate is relatively low, but once obtained, it can make a significant increase in combat power, and will be worth a lot of money to trade.

Different equipment parts can be obtained in different rifts with different attributes.

You can get the key in the rift and use it to open the Elf merchant's treasure chest.

As the elemental attributes increase, the quality of the keys you can obtain will also increase.

Upgrade Elemental Attributes

The proceeds from opening treasure chests account for most of the proceeds from the entire rift, so upgrading elemental attribute points will result in higher quality keys, and higher quality keys will result in higher value treasures.

Exchange skin:

Get MC Tutorial:

As you can see in the picture above, MC is needed to exchange the skin, so how to get MC? In addition to opening boxes, you can also exchange BUSD for MC in the game.

First, click on "Personal" and select "My Wallet".

Then select SWAP in the MC column to convert a certain amount of BUSD to MC.

If you don't have BUSD, see the tutorialBuy digital currency tutorial

The above is all the tutorials for advanced treasure hunting, did you learn it? Go to PLAY TO EARN ~

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