Rules of combat

The fight is your first lesson in land of Odom.

Basic stats

The hero has 4 basic stats, HP、ATK、CRIT、DODGE.

The numerical attribute represents the health of a hero,hero is green,enemy is red. It will reduce when the hero is under attack, if HP turns to 0, the hero will die.

The damage is caused by the hero‘s attack stats and skill.

Crit represents the hero's critical hit probability. The damage + 100% when it works. Some hero have higher damage because of skills.

Dodge represents the probability of dodge when receiving an attack. The damage is 0 when you avoid the attack.

Stats panel

Each hero has different advantages, which will affect the growth of the hero. You can click i to view the hero's stats.

ATK distance

The ATK distance is divided into Melee, Ranged ATK and intermediate distance ATK, which can be viewed through the skill panel.


Stand at the front of the line and be closest to the enemy. It is most vulnerable to enemy attack in the battle, so it usually acts as the front row to bear damage for the team.

2.Ranged ATK

Stand at the back of the line and farthest from the enemy. When there is a front row, it is not easy to be attacked by the enemy, so it usually plays an output position in the team.

3.Intermediate distance ATK

There is also a role in the battle. He stands in the middle of the team, that is death.

ATK target

In combat, each character gives priority to attacking the nearest enemy. If the position of the team changes, the character will call the enemy again.

ATK range

The attack range is divided into single ATK, small-scale ATK and large-scale ATK, which can be viewed in the skill description panel.

1.Single ATK

Deals damage only to a single target.

2.Small scale ATK

Damage to small range targets:

☝️ When the enemy's lineup is "Melee + intermediate distance ATK +Ranged ATK", a small-scale attack can hit the enemy's role of "Melee + intermediate distance ATK"

☝️ When the enemy's lineup is "intermediate distance ATK + Ranged ATK", a small-scale attack can hit the enemy's "intermediate distance ATK + Ranged ATK" role

☝️ When the enemy's lineup is "Melee + Ranged ATK", a small-scale attack can only hit the enemy's "Melee" role

☝️ When the enemy's lineup is "all melee / all intermediate distance ATK / all Ranged ATK", a small-scale attack can hit all enemy characters

3.Large scale ATK

Damage to a wide range of targets: usually damage to all enemy characters. (except for some occasions where stations are extremely scattered due to factors such as repulsion)

Position and lineup

1.Adjust the station position

In the arena lineup selection interface, you can adjust the team's position in battle.

As shown in the figure, the role of position 1 will stand in the front row of the whole team, so we should put the melee role in position 1 .

⚠️ Be careful not to put the remote character in position 1 , because the lineup of the team led by the remote character may be compressed in the process of seeking the enemy, resulting in the enemy's small-scale attack, which can hit our back role.

2.Adjust the lineup

⭕ Replacement

Select the role to replace 👉 Choose the role to play 👉 Complete lineup change

⭕ Transposition

Transpose 1 and 2 as shown in the figure:

Click 2 👉 Option 1 👉 1 and 2 complete transposition

Status effect

Description of status effect:

There are three abnormal states: poison, terrorize and taunt.

At the same time, only one status effect can exist, and the new status effect will overwrite the old one.

The sorceress's skill will poison the enemy target and enemy can't be treated in the poisoned state for 3 seconds.

Therefore, sorceress can restrain the enemy's strong blood returning lineup, such as priests and dancers.

Warlock's skill can terrorize enemy targets, and the terrorized character will run backward.

Therefore, the Warlock can compress the enemy's lineup so that a small-scale attack can hit the enemy's back row.

Guardian's skill can taunt enemy targets, and the taunted character will transfer the attack target to Guardian.

Therefore, Guardian can effectively protect their front row roles and are very friendly to the lineup of many front rows.

Response to status effect

1.The priest's skin "magic Doll" can relieve the status effect and effectively deal with poison, terrorize and taunt.

2.The skills of the Gladiator can make the team immune to stun and terrorizing, and it is also a way to deal with the status effect - fear.

3.The Lancer s skin "Valkyrie" can relieve her status effect.

Repel and stun


Repulsion is to attack the enemy and make it move backward. In this way, the enemy's lineup can be compressed, making the enemy's close combat and closer to the long-range character. In this way, the use of small-scale attacks can hit the enemy's back role.

1.The Lancer's skin "Dragon Slayer" and Death can repel the enemy.

As shown in the figure, Death knocks back the front row of the other party from position 1 to position 2

2.Response to Repel

The Blademaster can resist the Repel effect.

Stun can temporarily stop the enemy's attack.

⚠️ Stun is not a status effect, so it cannot be relieved by the priest's skin "magic Doll" and the Lancer s skin "Valkyrie" .

1.Fighter and Mage skin "Bride Alice" can play a stun effect

2.The Gladiator can make the whole team immune to stun


Buff is the gain effect, and the icon is green; Debuff is the benefit reduction effect, and the icon is red.

The following describes various buffs and debuffs in detail 👇


ATK speed




Get hurt

The influence degree of buff and debuff is represented by the corner mark in the lower right corner of the icon, and corner mark 1 represents 10%.

The influence of the same kind of buff and debuff can be superimposed. We use a time axis to explain the superposition rules of buff and debuff 👇

What role skills can generate buff and debuff?

So far, you have a basic understanding of combat. Go to Odom to test your learning achievements.


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