Buy digital currency tutorial

Enter the website of the exchange and register successfully (take binance as an example)

  1. 1.
    Enter the official website and click Register(https://www.binance.com/en
2.Choose a registration method (we choose Google email to register)
3.Choose your country or region
4.Enter your email account and create your own password
5.Enter the verification code received by Google email
6.Select a country or region, enter your mobile phone number and get the verification code
7.Next, verify your identity according to the process
1.Click "buy now" to enter the interface of buying digital currency with legal currency
2.Select your legal currency
3.Select the digital currency you want to buy and click OK
4.Choose your payment method
5.After completing the payment according to the process, the corresponding digital currency will enter your currency security account.

Withdraw digital currency to metamask

Whether it's busd or tap, you can recharge the game on the official website only when you withdraw cash to your wallet.
1.Click wallet and select stock
2.Select "withdraw"
3.Enter your metamask (or other) wallet address
4.Select "BSC" in network; Fill in the amount you want to withdraw in amount.
5.Click OK to enter the next step
6.For security authentication, you need to enter the mobile phone verification code, email verification code and authenticator verification code in turn.
7.Click OK to withdraw the cash successfully.